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Hoover 40007831 Front Felt Seal

  • Manufacturer Guarantee1 year
  • EAN8032767865518
Genuine front felt seal to fit Candy and Hoover tumble dryer models as shown
Candy Tumble Dryer
ABIDC60, ABCC266-S, ABIDC60-SY, CC267T-01S, DYC8813B-80, DYC8913B-80, DYC88132BX80, GOC218/1-80, GOC58F-80, GODC38/1-8, GODC38T-84, GODC68G-47, GODC78GT/1, GODC18/1-37, GODC36BT-84, GODC38G-37S, GODC78G-86S, GODV58F-85S, GOV118/1-80., GOC580C-80, GOC590C-80, GOC780BT-S, GOC218-80, GODC18-37S, GODC28-12S, GODC36-47, GODC36T-84, GODC375T-84, GODC38-86S, GODC38T-01S, GODC38T-88S, GODC38T/1-47, GODC778-37, GODC78-01S, GODC78-86S, GODC78GT-37S, GODV16-84, GODV17X-ISR, GODV36/1-37S, GODV375-84, GOV, 580C-80, GOV118, GOV58F-80
Hoover Tumble Dryer
HHKR381XT-S, HNC360BT-84, HNC180-80, HNC180-SY, HNC180S-80, HNC375T-84, HNC485T-86, OHNC480TS, VHC180/1-80, VHC360T-84, VHC381/1-80, VHC391/1-80, VHC391T/1-8, VHC391XT/1-, VHC680BX-S, VHC680C-80, VHC680F-85S, VHC681B-80, VHC691B-80, VHC781XTB/1, VHC781XTB/1, VHC168A-80, VHC180-80, VHC380X-30S, VHC381, VHC381XT-84, VHC391, VHC391XT-47, VHC680F-80, VHC781XTB, VHC781XTB-S, VHC791XT-14S, VHC791XT-84, VHC791XT-88S, VHV380/1-80, VHV, 381-80, VHV381/1-80, VHV680C-80, VHV680F-85S, VHV781C-80, VHV680F-80, VOHC180-37, VOHC391T-37, VOHV370-37, VOHV780/1-3
Alternate Part Number 40004946, 09201084
EAN Number No
Manufacturer Hoover
Genuine Part Yes
More Information
Manufacturer Hoover
GTIN 8032767865518
Model Number 40007831
Grade -999
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